Janette Laverrière. Photo: Valérie Jouve
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A major name in the 1950s. Janette Laverrière, a Swiss born designer living in Paris, was first influenced by the Bauhaus movement, but it was with Emile Ruhlmann that she began her career and where she met Maxime Old, Jean-Denis Malclès, Paul Fréchet and Maurice Pré whom she married in 1931. As an interior architect and designer working on both private and public commissions, Janette Laverrière developed her own distinctive style. She introduced a fresh approach through the use of an original chromatic range, always inventing new devices and systems relevant to everyday life, marrying diverse materials with rare virtuosity.

'Janette Laverrière is one of the rare decorators of her period who understood that rationality and wit were one and the same, and that cleverness and poetry had to work together to create a home that is more than just a machine to live in.'   Patrick Favardin

Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris.
Mobilier National, Paris.